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All of our standard designs can be adapted, whether it is to fit into a tight space, for difficult access or a design alteration.

Everything at Dudgeon Sofas is hand made to order and we have plenty of stories we can tell you of sofas whose arms need to be attached on site, to swivelling chairs and televisions that pop out of the back of a sofa.  Anything is possible, it is just finding out how it can be done that is the tricky part, and a process we relish taking on!

Adapting a standard design

If you have seen a design in our catalogue that you like but you want to make some design adaptions then this is something we can do. 
Here are some examples:

Our Marrakesh Banquette standard shape is a 5 seater U-shape, but one customer wanted it as a chair, while another wanted it straight.

With our Normandie design we adapted the original to create a version with arms and a version that can be used and left outside.


Chairs and sofas can be adapted with the addition of mechanisms such as swivels, recliners or TV mechanisms:

Dudgeon has also become well known for creating bespoke items from a picture or drawing:

You can give us an idea and we can do the drawings

Then occasionally we just make something extraordinary and fabulous...


The beauty of making custom and bespoke furniture is that all our sofas come with a story of how the designer came up with the idea right down to how the piece of furniture is made. For example, this sofa with thick sheet steel casing

To find out more about how sofas are for sitting on, read our blog.

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