The rise of the Rosebery Knole

The worlds first and oldest sofa design has been having a come back at Dudgeon, with three passing through the Dudgeon workshop in the last few months.

The Knole sofa, named after the house it resided in, Knole Park in Kent, was created in the 17th Century and rose to prominence, especially in grand houses, because of its throne like appearance, making it the perfect place for a monarch to sit on to receive visitors. Since then it has become more of a comfortable piece thanks to the introduction of feathers inside cushions.

We like to envisage that it was a popular sofa due to the high back and arms which are great for gossiping and reading the latest Jane Austen romance…

Over the years many sofa makers have made their own version, and ours is called the Rosebery Knole, which happily sits in manor houses on Hebridean islands, castles on Lake Geneva or country houses in the home counties. Wherever this sofa lives, we’d stuff it full of 100% pure down and snuggle down with the latest Amor Towles novel and while away the weekend.

The great part of the Rosebery Knole has to be all the elements you can customise, from bright and decorative fabrics, to the shape of the finials, and the different type of trimmings you can adorn it with frou-frou to flanged cord, tassels, tape and bullion fringe.

Below are some detailed pictures as well as the finished pieces.

Chatty Knight