In conversation with interior designer Charlotte Lane Fox

Charlotte has long been a loyal customer of Dudgeon Sofas, and as with many of our loyal customers, Charlotte even has a design specially made for her in our catalogue, the 'Matilda chair' which is named after one of her daughters. 

Never one to shy away from a bold pattern or textured fabric, it is always a joy when a new job from Charlotte comes in and we can make a stunning Swiss sofa in Fermoie Cloud linen or a Brompton bench in Nobilis' Grain de Cafe. 

Here we talk to her about why she orders furniture from Dudgeon Sofas. 

charlotte lf.jpg

When did you first hear about Dudgeon Sofas?

32 years ago! My mother had been ordering from William Dudgeon for many years prior to this.

Why do you choose Dudgeon Sofas to make your furniture?

Not only is everything super comfy, stylish, smart and great designs but also because the whole Dudgeon team are such a joy to work with and so accommodating in every way. They devote attention to each and every order and are so appreciative of all orders even if they are only very small.

How often do you customise your orders?

Often. Sometimes just by altering standard measurements and also for one off pieces.

Is the customising successful?

Yes, and Hugh and his team are always there to advise and to tweak designs to ensure this.

Do you ever get Dudgeon Sofas to make one-off pieces? Does it work?

Yes, and we have never had anything but success. The big round Confidente in Claridges central lobby was my first and it was fabulous.

For how long have you been buying Dudgeon Sofas furniture?

30 years.

Which designs do you like the most?

For years my “go-tos” were the Beaufort, Jubilee, Fitzpatrick, Connaught, Scarsdale and the octagonal ottoman. The Beaufort is still a favourite along with Portofino, Waller, Matilda, Swiss, Egerton, TV ottoman box (which incidentally should be called Charlotte!).

Do you send your clients to the showroom? Are they looked after?

Yes. I tend to go with them but if they have been on their own they are always well looked after.

What do you like best about Dudgeon Sofas?

All the above.


The round Confidente in Claridges lobby

The round Confidente in Claridges lobby

A pair of Connaught armchairs

A pair of Connaught armchairs

A special Capri armchair with no castor cups

A special Capri armchair with no castor cups

Terrace sofa

Terrace sofa

Special Connaught armchair and run up with a P-shaped arm

Special Connaught armchair and run up with a P-shaped arm

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