The many guises of the Beaufort

Our Beaufort design has been in production for as long as anyone can remember and in all manner of guises including styles and names.

The name Beaufort came about when Hugh was in a phase of naming furniture designs after great families of England, and luckily for the Beaufort family they were chosen for our most popular design!

Our traditional Beaufort sofa comes with a two or three humped back, a P arm (although ours are much less ‘P’d’ than most!) and turned or tapered legs.

It then gets updated and adapted depending on trends and client specifications, so 20 years ago it would have had short turned Mahogany legs and brass castors and now it has long tapered Walnut legs and antique brass cups.

In the past year we updated our standard design to include a shorter seat platform and therefore longer legs, with cups on the toes instead of wheels, to make it more elegant and contemporary.

Other contemporary adaptations include single foam core seat cushions, bigger backs (2 on a 3 seater sofa instead of 3) or even two seats and two backs on a 3 seater sofa.

The Beaufort sofa also suits having a skirt, whether that’s a traditional kick or box pleat or a dressmakers.

Below are two adaptations of the traditional Beaufort design. Click the arrows on the right to see more examples.

Chatty Knight