Kit Kemp

The epitome of cool interiors in our modern world are Kit Kemp's eclectic designs for the Firmdale hotel group. Her room designs have a magpie-esque style thanks to finishes like tiny bells as piping on cushions, felt cut-outs, polished nailing and mis-matches of fabric throughout her interiors.

Kemp is clearly inspired by exotic trips abroad and pushing the boundaries. Trying to recreate her ‘look’ is a difficult task as you’re constantly aware of the fine line between perfection and bad taste. Will this stripe go with the diamond design? Yes. Will this floral design go with hexagons? No.

This way of designing is an inspiration to a huge number of designers who want to replicate the ease at which she represents colour and pattern in her interiors. How she plays with shapes, colour and materials. 

Chatty Knight