Cushion fillings

DUDGEON has always been renowned for comfortable furniture. Only this week when sitting on our Highgrove sofa a client remarked: “you can’t say that this is one of your most comfortable sofas when I could fall asleep in all of them!”

While the comfort of our sofas is largely to do with how we make each piece it is also because of the exceptionally comfortable fillings in our cushions.

Our standard cushions consist of 80% duck feather and 20% duck down, making them softer and more inviting than the lumpier chicken feather filling that are often supplied as standard.

Our 50% feather and 50% down filling is softer than our standard cushions.

The most luxuriously comfortable filling we offer is our 100% duck down which is wonderfully soft. The combination of the duck down on a base of hand tied individual springs gives a real feeling of soft luxury. These cushions are incredibly light and easy to pick up and plump.

For those of you who are after one single cushion that doesn’t need to be plumped we offer a reflex foam core with duck feather and down duvet wrap cushion, which keeps its shape. Using reflex foam is similar to mattress makers using memory foam – when you sit down you aren’t on top of the cushion but you have sunk into it...

Visit our showroom to find your level of comfort, allowing you to make the best decision when choosing your cushion fillings. 

Chloe Battle